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In Leadership From Behind the Scenes, Dr. Ron Webb provides Biblically-based advice to assist ministers from all faiths in their role as leaders in God’s kingdom. Ministers are called to lead, to counsel and to encourage, but sometimes need the same guidance in their lives. This book will help ministers understand the challenges of church leadership, and how to become better shepherds—and Christians—as they live a life of service to others.


 Praise for Leadership: From Behind the Scenes

“There is no finer man of integrity and wisdom as Bishop Ron Webb. Within these pages you will find years of service, compassion, leadership, dedication and understanding from the heart of the Pastor to Pastors. Ministry from Behind the Scenes is one of those tools of instruction that I feel God has brought to me and my Ministry, and I believe it is full of wisdom and advice that will benefit all Pastors and those in leadership roles; young or old, new or well-seasoned.”
—Evangelist Jim Bakker, host of The Jim Bakker Show and Pastor of Morningside Worship

“This book comes along with perfect timing, where the world it seems has less
respect for the church and its leaders. So what better time than now to spread an
awareness that explains the pains and promotes the possibilities of Leadership.”
—Bishop Brandon B. Porter, General Board Member C.O.G.I.C., Sr. Pastor
Greater Community Temple, Memphis, Tennessee

“A successful pastor and leader of a fellowship of pastors, Bishop Webb has earned
the right, through much experience, to write and speak to leaders throughout the
world. I highly recommend this book to church leaders and those who are ‘led.’”
—Bishop Charles Rodgers, Memphis, Tennessee

“Leadership from Behind the Scenes removes the mask of ministry and looks
beneath to expose the strategies of the enemy. In this book, Bishop Webb will take
you behind the red curtain and deal with issues previously undiscussed in Christian
literature; such as depression in ministry, divorce, betrayal, and the weight of
leadership. You will walk with him through the proper process for dealing with
these issues. Through Biblical example, and his own experience, Bishop Webb
shares the keys and tools needed to become a successful and powerful leader for
—Paula White, Senior Pastor, New Destiny Christian Center, Apopka, Florida

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