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   Pearls from the Pulpit


“My Prophecy is a Part of My Warfare”

1st Timothy 1:18-19


Many of you have been attacked because of the prophecy that is on your head. You cannot die now, because there is a prophecy over your life. Nowhere in scripture has prophecy been linked to warfare, except in the book of 1st Timothy. You have been charged by God to fight and defeat demonic attacks with prophecy. God wants you to learn how to stir up every word in your spirit that has been spoken over your life. You will remember the prophecy when the enemy comes in to frustrate you; the prophecy will fight every demonic attack that comes again you. Your prophecy is a part of your warfare.

You will have warfare, it is going to come, but when it comes use your prophecy to fight against it. Every time the enemy comes in like a flood then the spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard within you in order to fight and war against the devil. During the preparation of this sermon, Old Man Simeon came to mind. While Simeon was in the temple, God revealed to him that he would not see death until he saw the consolation of Israel. Every morning, Simeon and his wife went into the temple to pray; they prayed for the consolation of Israel and stayed in the presence of God. You have to stay in the presence of God. You cannot be up and down, in and out, or hot and cold. If you want revelation to come, you have to stay in the presence of God.

God wants you to know that in this season of your life, it will not be your money or job that will sustain you but it instead will be your prophecy. Simeon had made up in his mind; he would not die until the prophecy came forth. You will not die until your prophecy comes to pass. It does not matter if the enemy comes in and tries to circumvent, because God has spoken over your life. It does not matter what your situation looks like, you are not dying until God says. There is a reason why you did not die in car wrecks, during drug overdoses, and alcohol binges because there is a prophecy over your life.

There is a prophecy on your children and family. It does matter if they look like they are living recklessly and heading to hell; they still have a prophecy on their heads. You cannot die, because you have a word over your head. You will stay alive long enough for your prophecy to be birthed. Do not let the devil discourage you. If there is a word over your head, praise God for that word. What has God spoken about your future?

When you know that God has spoken to you, you are not concerned with the things that are going on around you. Your prophecy is a part of your warfare which will destroy the devil. Your destiny and future has already been spoken and that is why the enemy is trying to cut you off. There will be times where you feel frustrated and feel like walking away. Every time the devil tells you that you will not make it, you have been charged by God to remind the enemy of your prophecy. Your prophecy will be the only thing to sustain you. 

“There is Power in Your Prophecy”


Dr. Ron Webb Sr.




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